Contributor Galleries

  1. ADW's Own Media
    This collection is for images and sounds that are "works for hire" paid for the by the Animal Diversity Web
  2. ASM slide library
    A set of images from the American Society of Mammalogists slide library.
  3. ASM slide library 2
    A set of images from the American Society of Mammalogists slide library.
  4. Abdullah, Taj
    A single bat image.
  5. Armitage, David
  6. Armstrong, Nancy
    A collection of gray fox images from a contributor in southern Oregon.
  7. ArtToday
    Images from ArtToday (primarily intended for Sign Guide).
  8. Aslin, Heather J.
  9. Astle, Stephanie
    Ghost shrimp image.
  10. August, Peter V.
  11. Bach, Cathy
  12. Bachand, Robert
    A set of marine life images.
  13. Bajema, Stephanie
  14. Barrett, Reginald H.
  15. Barrio, Javier
    Hippocamelus antisensis images.
  16. Bauer, E. & P.
    A single M. pennanti photo contributed by Erwin and Peggy Bauer
  17. Beadle, Sandy
  18. Bebej, Ryan
  19. Behrens, David
    A large selection of photographs from David Behrens. Most images are South Asian animals.
  20. Belden, Lisa
    Echinostoma trivolvis life cycle.
  21. Belik, Thomas
  22. Berry, Gae
    A set of photographs from Gae Berry, mainly western American coastal animals.
  23. Best, Devadatta Tjeerd
    Blue herons.
  24. Biodidac
    A set of diagrams illustrating invertebrate anatomical features.
  25. Bittner, Charlie
  26. Blank, David
    A wide selection of animals from around the world, primarily China and Israel.
  27. Boer, Wout
    An image of a red-legged seriema.
  28. Brown, Joseph
    This collection contains pictures from the image archives at the website of the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia: Used only in accordance with the terms of use specified on the site.
  30. Burch, Jack
    A collection of photographs of molluscs and other invertebrates by Dr. Jack Burch, UMMZ.
  31. Burrell, Galen
    Images of miscellaneous animals.
  32. Burrell, Quinn
    Various images and illustrations.
  33. Cabrera, Kim
    Images from Kim Cabrera (including many for Sign Guide)
  34. Cal Photos
    A collection of images from the CalPhotos database.
  35. Caldwell, Janalee
    A set of photographs of amphibians of South America.
  36. Cameron, Guy
  37. Castillo-Ruiz, Alexandra
    Images of South American camelids.
  38. Castle, Kevin
    Various animal images.
  39. Cerchio, Salvatore
    Whale images.
  40. Chalfant, Don
    A selection of bird photographs from Don Chalfant and the Washtenaw Audobon Society.
  41. Chatfield, Matthew
  42. Chester, Sharon
    White-throated rail image.
  43. Chow, Victoria
  44. Coin, Patrick
    A set of bird images and some other animals.
  45. Cole, Kevin
    Images of animals from California.
  46. Contributed
    Miscellaneous contributed photos.
  47. Cooley, James
    Several images from an ADW user.
  48. Corel
    A large set of images from the Corel Photograph Collection, previously sold by the Corel Corporation (
  49. Coutas, Michel
    Marine animals of Ile Rodrigues.
  50. Dahms, David
    A pair of photographs from professional nature photographer, David Dahms.
  51. Danzenbaker, Mike
    A set of 10 bird images by professional photographer, ©Mike Danzenbaker.
  52. Davis, Jillian Summer
    Cranial images of vampire bats.
  53. Detwiler, Paul
    Images of marine species.
  54. Dewey, Tanya
    A collection of animal images taken at various times and places. Tanya Dewey is one of the content managers for the Animal Diversity Web.
  55. Dougherty, Joseph
    Images licensed to us by Joseph Dougherty
  56. Dowling-Healey, James
    Some North American animals.
  57. Dyson, Deb
    Red kangaroo photos.
  58. Earle, R.
    Marten images.
  59. Ebinger, M.
    Two images of deer, one of an opossum.
  60. Eisthen, Irma
  61. El Hebeishy, Mohamed
    Images of Egyptian animals.
  62. Elder, Sara Marie
    Muskoxen images
  63. Emmons, Louise
  64. Erfert, Thomas
    Gambel's quail eggs, Arizona.
  65. Espinosa, Roger
    Roger's test images.
  66. Etem, Blake
    European hedgehog image.
  67. Evans, Richard
    Images of Arctic animals.
  68. Everson, Kathryn
    Images of spines and quills.
  69. Fanshaw, Ryan
    Black-crowned night heron images.
  70. Fauna Australis
    Kodkod (Leopardus guigna) images.
  71. Feinstein, Adam
    Red-tailed hawk images.
  72. Fincke, Ola
  73. Fink, William
    A collection of fish images.
  74. Firebaugh, Glenn
  75. Fisher, Collin Lawrence
    Dendrobates auratus vocalization.
  76. Flockhart, Tyler
    A single gyrfalcon image.
  77. French, Roberts
  78. Friday, Paul
  79. Gehring, Tim
    Images of Michigan birds.
  80. Germond, J
    A pair of red fox photographs.
  81. Gerster, Katherine
    Images of African fat-tailed geckos.
  82. Giarla, Tom
    Thylamys species
  83. Gifford, Lazette
    Images of animals, primarily in North American zoos.
  84. Gill, R. Bruce
    A set of mammal images contributed by Bruce Gill.
  85. Gingerich, Jerry
    Photos from Jerry Gingerich.
  86. Given, M.F.
    A set of frog call files.
  87. Godoy, Manuel
    A picture of Cebus apella.
  88. Goldstein, Bob
    A tardigrade image.
  89. Gonçalves, Pablo
    Photos from Pablo Gonçalves.
  90. Gorgoglione, Bartolomeo
  91. Grant, Michael
  92. Greiling, Dunrie
    A single photograph of a dusky leaf monkey.
  93. Griffiths, Charles
    Coral snake.
  94. Grzimek Birds
    An extensive collection of bird drawings.
  95. Grzimek Fish
    An extensive collection of fish, shark, and ray illustrations.
  96. Grzimek Herps
    An extensive collection of amphibian and reptile illustrations.
  97. Grzimek Insects
    An extensive collection of insect illustrations.
  98. Grzimek Inverts
    An extensive collection of invertebrate illustrations.
  99. Grzimek Mammals
    An extensive collection of mammal illustrations.
  100. Habitat Images
    Habitat images for habitat navigation in CC.
  101. Hagen, Tracy
    A golden orb weaver laying eggs in an egg sac.
  102. Haikin, Jose Vasquez
  103. Hailman, Jack
    A set of bird photographs from Jack Hailman.
  104. Hamilton, Christopher
  105. Hammond, George
  106. Haney, Thomas
  107. Hansen, Kip
    Blind snake and amphisbaenian images from the Dominican Republic.
  108. Harding, James
    A set of images of North American amphibians and reptiles.
  109. Harris, Jenn
    Pictures from Jenn Harris of San Diego, CA.
  110. Hartman, Monica
    a couple of items from Monica
  111. Heideman, Paul
  112. Hejda, Eva
    A large set of images donated by amateur nature photographer, Eva Hejda, mainly of captive mammals and birds.
  113. Hewitson, Carla
    A chukar photo from a user in Utah.
  114. Hickman, Graham C.
  115. Hinshaw, Janet
  116. Hinshaw, Steve
    Mammal, bird and other animal photos from Steve Hinshaw.
  117. Hoffman, Susan
    A selection of animal images.
  118. Hofmann, David
    A collection of cetacean images.
  119. Holekamp, Kay
    African animal photos from Kay Holekamp.
  120. Huckaby, David G.
  121. Hussain, Makhdoom
    Fish of Pakistan
  122. Jacinto, Valter
    A jellyfish image.
  123. Jameson, Christopher
    A large set of African animal images.
  124. Jansa, Sharon
  125. Jeffords, Jeffrey
    A large set of marine images, primarily from the western Pacific.
  126. Jinn, Judy
  127. Joly, Kyle
    Caribou images from Kyle Joly.
  128. Jones, Tricia
    A collection of various animal images.
  129. Jonna, Ryan
    Fish anatomical diagrams.
  130. Jost, Klaus
    Images of animals from around the world.
  131. José de Almeida, Alex
    Images of white-eared opossums.
  132. Keith, Tony
    A Massassauga rattlesnake image.
  133. Kelkar, Mahesh
    Photo of Bengal monitor.
  134. Kielb, Michael
    A set of primarily North American bird images.
  135. Kilburn, Kerry
    A small set of animal photographs.
  136. Kjeldsen, Per and Chargot, Pat
  137. Kloppers, Martus
    A single image of a European red squirrel.
  138. Kosnik, Paul
    A set of North American animal images.
  139. Kumarasamy, P
  140. Kupitz, David
    Hedgehog image.
  141. Kyllingstad, H. C.
    Photos from H. C. Kyllingstad.
  142. LaVal, Richard K.
  143. Lathrop, Olin
    A small set of animal images.
  144. Laubach, Frank
    Various ducks in Seattle, Washington; various captive animals.
  145. Lauder, Beth
    Various animal images, North America and the Caribbean.
  146. Lindsay, Alec R.
    A set of bird images contributed by Alec R. Lindsay, Northern Michigan University.
  147. Loewen, Victor
    A set of lovely bird images and some mammals.
  148. Losin, Neil
    A stunning collection of birds of western North America.
  149. Ludicke, Rachel
    Young fox squirrel images.
  150. Luna Wong, Lucia
    Specimen photos, including new species Thomasomys onkiro, from Lucia Luna Wong.
  151. Lundrigan, Barbara
    A collection of images contributed by Dr. Barbara Lundrigan, Michigan State University.
  152. Lynch, Michelle
    Images of some North American animals, especially reproduction of frogs and turtles.
  153. Lytle, Melody
    A diverse set of animal images from Texas and other parts of the world. An excellent source of images of odonates and butterflies.
  154. MacCarter Cougar Pictures
    A set of images of a female mountain lion and her cubs.
  155. Maestrati, Philippe
  156. Maldonado, Jairo
    Images of snake species of Colombia.
  157. Mammal Skulls, UMMZ
    A large collection of specimen images and spinning skull movies. Specimens are held in the UMMZ Mammal Division collections.
  158. Mammal anatomical images
    A collection of images of mammalian anatomy, especially cranial and dental features.
  159. Marsupial Pictures from Didelphid Project
  160. Master_Larry
  161. McCarthy, Jamie
    Northern short-tailed shrews in Michigan.
  162. McKinnon, Tomas
  163. McPhee, Misty
    Photos of Galapagos Islands animals from Misty McPhee.
  164. Michigan Mussels
    Images from Michigan State University that are to be used with the Michigan Mussel accounts.
  165. Michigan mussel distribution maps
    Distribution maps of Michigan mussels.
  166. Middelfart, Peter
  167. Mindell, David
    A set of bird images.
  168. Mitchell, Brian
    Four coyote howl recordings contributed by Brian Mitchell.
  169. Moniotte, Stephanie
    Several bird images.
  170. Mori, Kensuke
  171. Mossop, Marty
  172. Mueller, Helmut
    A collection of bird images, primarily birds of prey.
  173. Muñoz, Mauricio
    Flatworm image.
  174. Myers, JP
    A set of photographs of primarily North American birds, includes some sound files.
  175. Myers, Liza
  176. Myers, Phil
    A large set of animal images, organized taxonomically.
  177. Myers, Philip
    Images from Philip Myers of North American fauna.
  178. Myers, Roger
    Collections of photos mainly from Florida, Arizona and the west coast of the U.S.
  179. Myers, Tom
  180. Native Fish Conservancy
    A large set of mainly freshwater fish images.
  181. Naturesongs
    A large collection of bird songs.
  182. Nechvatal_Natalie
  183. O'Brien, Marjorie
  184. O'Brien, Mark
    A set of animal images.
  185. O'Donnell, Thomas
    Images of animals from Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.
  186. O'Keefe, Jo
    Animal images from North Carolina, primarily marine life.
  187. O'Keefe, Joy
    Southeastern U.S. bat species.
  188. OConnor, Barry
    Woodrat image.
  189. OConnor, Karen
    Grasshopper image.
  190. Obrien, Markie M.
  191. Ofstedal, Mary Beth
    A set of images of mainly Australian mammals.
  192. Olson, Link
    Tenrec images.
  193. Pan, Hubert
    Photos of black and yellow argiopes taken by Hubert Pan, graciously donated to the Animal Diversity Web.
  194. Parr, Cynthia
    Various animal images.
  195. Patterson, Tamatha
  196. Pawlukiewicz, Janet
    Images of animals from east Asia.
  197. Pecor, Keith
    Images of North American reptiles and amphibians and some other animals.
  198. Pelikan, Steve
    A collection of bird calls.
  199. Peterson, Lindsay
    Commerson's dolphins.
  200. Poor, Allison
    Allison Poor's resource contributions
  201. Powers, Karen
  202. Pratt, Timothy D.
    American badger images.
  203. Proctor, Justin
    Images of golden swallows from the Dominican Republic.
  204. Raimond, Corey
    An image of Blarina hylophaga from Missouri.
  205. Rasmussen, Pamela
    Images of mostly birds from Africa, Antarctica, and Tierra del Fuego.
  206. Rathbun, Galen B.
  207. Rehmeier, Ryan
    Images of Blarina hylophaga.
  208. Rieck, Brian
    Hatchling Blanding's turtle.
  209. Rinner, Brian
    Photos of Corucia zebrata.
  210. Robine, Gary
    A single Cooper's hawk image.
  211. Rouse, Greg
  212. Schumacher, C
    A single image of a marten contributed by C. Schumacher, US Forest Service.
  213. Seaver, Mark
    Two images from Mark Seaver, used in the BioKIDS Sign Guide.
  214. Silburn, Graeme
    Images from the British Isles.
  215. Singing Insects
    Images and sound files of cicadas and orthopteran insects.
  216. Sinniah, Suba
    Images of animals from Malaysia.
  217. Skaw, Jeremy
    Black phase red fox image.
  218. Smith, Kimberly
    Ruddy duck image.
  219. Smith, Maggie
    Pelican photo from Oregon.
  220. Smithsonian
    A single crab image.
  221. Smithsonian Skulls
    A collection of skull images from the National Museum of Natural History.
  222. Songer, Nancy
    Newly hatched sea turtle!
  223. Sorin_AnnaBess
  224. Sounds
    Wolf and big brown bat calls.
  225. Staker, Lynda
    Australian macropodids.
  226. Steer, Padgette
  227. Sturm, David
  228. Swart, Christine
    African crested porcupine images.
  229. Tanaka, Peter
    Birds of Hawaii.
  230. Taylor, Martin
    A set of marine images, mainly fish.
  231. Tejo, Luis
    South American birds and other animals.
  232. Teta, Pablo
    Akodon philipmyersi illustration
  233. Thomas, Ted
    An osprey image from Montana.
  234. Thompson, Cody
    Blarina hylophaga
  235. Thorington, Richard
  236. Thylacine images
    Images of Thylacinus cynocephalus that are now out of copyright due to their age.
  237. Tiwari, Jugal
    Bird images from India and Eritrea.
  238. Torki, Farhang
    Endemic Iranian animals.
  239. Turner, Mike
    A juvenile barred owl.
  240. Turner, Olivia
  241. UMMZ Bird Division
    A large collection of bird specimen images from the UMMZ Bird Division.
  242. UMMZ Herpetology Division
    A large collection of images of reptiles and amphibians.
  243. USFWS
    Animal images from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service digital image database.
  244. UWSP Skulls
    A collection of skull images from the University of Wisconsin, Stephens Point.
  245. Van der Toorn, Jaap
    Marine mammal images.
  246. VanPell, Jane
  247. Verissimo, Diogo
  248. Vitt, Laurie
    A collection of primarily South American reptile and snake images.
  249. Vornberger, Cal
    Stunning photography, primarily of birds of New York.
  250. Wagner, Herb
    Collection of photos provided to ADW by the UMMZ Insect Division, originally from the late Dr. Herb Wagner.
  251. Wallack, Peter
    Images of birds of Florida.
  252. Washtenaw Audubon
    Bird images from the Washtenaw Audubon Society, eastern North America.
  253. Waterhouse, Ralph
    A single emerald toucanet image.
  254. Watkins, Christy
  255. Wayne, Catherine
    Turkey family.
  256. Weinstein, Maxine
  257. Westaby, Dale
    North American crayfish species.
  258. Whelchel, Rick and Julie
    Several images of red foxes.
  259. White, John
    A set of photographs by John White
  260. Whitesell_Sandy
  261. Wien, Cary
    Marine animal images.
  262. Wikimedia Commons
    Contains media collected from Wikimedia Commons, so there are multiple rights owners and terms of use.
  263. Wiley, Anne
  264. Williams, George
    Prolemur simus images.
  265. Wolf, Alan
    A collection of frog calls contributed by Alan Wolf, University of Wisconsin.
  266. Wright, Lisa
  267. Wund, Matt
    A set of mammal and bird images.
  268. Zupan, Rudolf
    Images of animals from Minas Gerais, Brasil.